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                             Sunday, May 3, 2015


What is a Vegan?

A Vegan is a vegetarian in the true sense of the word who consumes no flesh food, no fish, no animal food or dairy products whatsoever.
The vegan diet consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes. These foods can be eaten raw and / or minimally processed into delightful entrees, desserts, side dishes, sauces, dressings, soups, crackers, breads, nut milks, seed cheeses, and condiments (see recipes tab on this website).

Eating in this way promotes life, and improved health because plants contain no cholesterol, and because whole, raw, foods are more easily assimilated by the body.
The Vegan lifestyle also causes the mind to operate at a higher vibrational frequency, and elevates
consciousness Love, Harmony, Harmlessness, and Peace are tenants of the Vegan way of Life.

Raw Vegan


Weight Loss

Raw Vegan News

Matt Monarch Tours Houston !!!
    Mark Monarch and the Raw Food World Tour Live in Houston, Texas!!!

Mark Monarch will be in Houston Wednesday May 7, 2014 at 6:30, at The Gardens Houston 12001 Beamer Rd, Houston, Texas 77089!

What’s different about Matt is that his experience with a whole food lifestyle is, unlike many others, is not a fleeting fad but a lifestyle he’s enjoyed for over 15 years. !

In other words, he doesn’t just talk about raw food, he lives it. His supreme dedication is obvious in the expertise and enthusiasm he conveys while talking as he journeys on all of his tours.!

He’s deeply immersed in raw foods, passionate about their curative powers, and knows precisely why such a lifestyle is the ideal choice for people who want to take charge of their health. !

He’s on top of the latest superfoods, success stories, myths and debates, taking them all on with confidence and a no-holds-barred zest for the incredible transformation that can be realized simply by eating superfoods. !

Matt Monarch is committed to helping others realize the full potential of their health by choosing quality, non-processed foods. No wonder his online raw and superfood store, is the largest one in the world and his YouTube channel continues to grow in popularity. !

***Learn to Prepare Raw Vegan Dishes quickly and easily! Register for the next Raw Food 101 Class by scrolling to the bottom of this webpage.

Here is a luscious Raw Cinnamon Roll recipe - Courtesy of Elaina Love, for those who like sweets.

Raw Cinnamon Rolls

Instructions for the Dough:

2 ½ cups of almond meal (left over after making almond milk)
2 ½ cups flax meal (grind 1 1/3 cups whole flax seeds in your coffee grinder, blender, or spice grinder)
1 cup of soaked soft pitted dates firmly packed
1/8 cups pure water
¼ teaspoon high quality sea salt
Dash of cayenne (and we do mean one small dash)
¼ cup olive oil or coconut butter

To Make the Filling:
½ cup soft soaked pitted dates firmly packed
½ cup raisins
1 Tablespoon Cinnamon
1/8 cup pure water
Extra raisins
½ cup soaked and dehydrated walnuts, coarsely chopped

For the Frosting: (optional, but really yummy)
1 cup sunflower seeds soaked 4 or more hours (should yield 1 ½ cups after soaking)
¾ cup water
6 Tablespoons honey or dates
Juice of 1 small Tangerine and the entire peel
1 teaspoon of Frontier Brand Vanilla
Directions for the Dough:

1. Blend the dates and water together in a food processor or blender until it becomes a paste.
2. Mix everything together in a large bowl and work with your hands until the dough is well mixed.
3. Place the dough on a Teflex dehydrator sheet or piece of wax paper and form into a ¼ inch thick square using your hands to shape it.
4. Cover with another Teflex sheet or wax paper and roll with a rolling pin until the dough is a uniform size and thickness.
5. Now get ready to prepare the filling

Directions for the filling:

1. Puree the first 4 ingredients in a food processor until it becomes smooth.
2. Spread the mixture onto the dough
3. Sprinkle with extra raisins and walnuts
4. Using the Teflex sheet on the bottom to push, roll the dough tightly.
5. Wrap the roll in the Teflex or wax paper and refrigerate until chilled.
6. Slice into the desired thicknesses and dehydrate at 105 degrees Fahrenheit until warm.

Directions for the Frosting:

Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy. Add a little extra water if you prefer it thinner. Drizzly on top of the dehydrated Cinnamon Rolls…. Yum, yum….

Friday, April 18, 2014

Raw Vegan Recipes
    Please click the Vegan Recipes tab on this site for fabulous raw vegan entrees, drinks, soups, desserts, salads and more. ***While here, feel free to submit your own raw vegan recipes for publication.         
Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Dallas News!!
Be Raw Food and Juice is the Hottest Restaurant in Dallas!!!

Owners Paula Sepulvado and John Vandelicht operate this wonderful restaurant for raw foodists, vegans, vegetarians, or anyone interested in healthy, yet delicious cuisine.

All the entrees are fabulous, but my personal recommendations are:

• Raw Coconut Kale Enchiladas
• Raw Coconut Curry Soup
• Raw California Pizza
• Raw Taco Salad

Be Raw Food and Juice is located at:

6005 Berkshire Lane
Dallas, Texas
214-234-0106 6005 Berkshire Lane
Dallas, Texas


Raw Leader in North Texas:

Mattye Lee’s Frugal Raw News--

Living the Raw and Living Foods Lifestyle IS attainable for those who watch their pennies if done the FRUGAL RAW way!

Mattye Lee Thompson became a raw vegan to heal her body from the effects of gluten intolerance, arthritis, hypoglycemia, systemic yeast, and morbid obesity.
For her it has been, and continues to be an amazing journey full of enlightenment on all levels spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental! The raw vegan lifestyle is her fountain of youth, her healer, and her teacher...and she wants to make it YOURS too!

Connect with her on FaceBook or at

************* Dallas Raw Food Party Central (Courtney, Isaac, and Melissa - Organizers)

(near Dallas)


Visit Your Dallas Raw Food Party Central at

More Raw Vegan News!

When you're in Houston, attend the Houston Urban Raw Vegan Potluck Meetup group, the most amazing raw food group in Houston!

Starting April 22nd 2014, we will be meeting second and fourth Tuesdays at the Havens Center, 1827 W. Alabama, Houston, 77098 (between Shepherd and Woodhead)

This group provides a relaxing setting to enjoy delectable vegan dishes, fellowship with like-minded people, and a loving, non-judgmental family atmosphere.

Attendees will bring a vegan dish to share, (no animal products). Dish should be raw (not heated over 105 degrees Fahrenheit).
Please bring your own place setting, meaning a plate, fork, spoon, chopsticks or preferred eating utensils. Also, please bring love and a smile.

Lecture Topics at the Houston Urban Raw Vegan Potluck:

We sometimes have movies or motivational speakers at the pot luck. Recent speakers have been Victoria Butenko, Paul Nison, Dr. Craig Sommers, Nomi Shannon, Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes-Monarch, Dr. Brian Clements, Ken Rohla, Arttemis Keszainn, Dr. Baxter Montgomery, and other well-known raw leaders.

• And much more!

Hope to see you all this coming potluck! Erica Sezonov coordinates and manages the potluck.

You may reach Erica at or call her at 713 272 0318 land line – preferred. Her cell phone number is 832 419 4037

Can also contact Dinah Mack at 281-229-0949 or

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Quick & Delicious Kale Salad
    Simply marinate a bunch of organic kale in

• Organic olive oil • Agave nectar • Garlic • Spices

For an interesting twist, add to the Kale, sun-dried tomatoes, raw olives, avocado, and hemp seeds.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

On-Line Raw Vegan Store
    Please visit our on-line store for vegan clothing, Vita-Mix blenders, spiralizers, pH food charts, raw food prep classes, wheatgrass products, and more!         
Friday, April 18, 2014

Gourmet Raw Food Preparation Classes
    Raw Food 101 Preparation Class to be held throughout Spring / Summer 2014 in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Here is what we will be covering in class:

• What a raw and living food diet is
• How to get excited about raw food
• How to make delicious raw food meals that taste like your favorite cooked food dishes
• How to prepare gourmet raw food meals, simply and easily in minutes
• How to shop for raw foods
• How to stock your kitchen and set up your environment
• Kitchen equipment use

Our Gourmet Raw Food Preparation classes are held frequently--generally twice a month. Registration and payment are required no later than one (1) week before the date of the class you are planning to attend.
Register and pay for the class at the bottom of this webpage.

Minimum class size is five (5) participants.

You will quickly receive your raw food chef certification within 10 days of taking the course!

More advanced students who would like to become instructors, and in turn teach Level One classes can click below to sign up for the Level Two Raw and Living Food Instructor Certification class.

Raw Food Preparation Class

Saturdays, 10am - 4pm
*Note that Classes can be held at your location or our venue.

Please e-mail for location information.

Click below to register for the Level One (1) Chef Certification Class. Investment is $150 USD

Click here to register for the Level Two (2) Instructor Certification Class. Investment is $650 USD
Friday, April 18, 2014
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